Mails with the same subject get combined?


I have been working with eM Client for a few months now and just realized, that sometimes, mails with the same subject get combined and makes it look like they are part of a previous conversation.

For example:
I got an email in my account with the subject “Blogger und Produkttester”. 

The mail is from 03.05.19 and all the other emails above have nothing to do with it. It does look though, as if they are previous conversations.
The only reason I could come up with, why they are showing up, is because the subject of these emails is also “Blogger und Produkttester”, but I am not sure.
If I search for “Blogger und Produkttester” I get a lot of emails which a specific conversation, except the emails on top, which is the one from the first picture.

This isn’t the only “mail conversation” with this problem. I also have other emails where the subject is different, but again, these emails have no correlation and are still shown like you can see in the 1. picture.

I tried to go through the settings to disable anything which could cause this, but I couldn’t find anything. I didn’t mess with the settings when I installed the program, I’ve only setup my emails and templates.

I appreciate any help, as right now, I never really know, if the “conversation” is actually a conversation or just got thrown there because it had the same subject.
Although, I am not even sure the subject is causing the problem here, as on the 2. screen, there are many emails with the same subject and only 4 of them are thrown seemingly randomly together.

Thanks for you help, I hope I could bring my point accross, even though I am not sure how or why this happens.

Kind regards,

Try turning off conversations

Menu / Tools / Mail  / Read    " Disable Conversations "

Hey Richard, thanks for the reply.
I don’t want to turn this off, as I am then not able to see any conversations anymore. I do want to keep them, I just want to get rid of emails which are not connected to each other, but still show up as if they do.

long question for identification of messages from a single conversation: same subject? internal link in header? I prefer the internal reference but most of email browser now work with subject.
Using subject allows you to disrupt a conversation simply changing the subject…