mails not downloading for offline use

What happens if you click on Refresh?

same thing, only 1 mail gets downloaded

Yes, that is the way it should be. GMail will keep the message in the Inbox after it has been downloaded by eM Client, then after x days it will be deleted.

You may want to check that you have the correct settings.

Port: 995
Security Policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Try that and see if it makes any different to how the emails are downloaded. When I was using GMail POP3 that was what I used and I never had any problems. But then also I did not have a situation where I had to download thousands of old emails.

Also, closing and restarting eM Client may make a difference.

settings seem to be fine
restarting hasnt helped

Are you getting any errors?

just 'downloaded at … ’ at the bottom left
and no errors in the dialog pop box

Don’t know, Shakti. If you have a Pro License I would suggest opening a support ticket.

its a free one till im sure about em client
thanks though
will see this for some days

i have a decent internet speed and still it downloads only approx 50mb worth mail in 10 mins whereas with my net it should download approx 400mb worth data in that time


its downloading 40 mails now at once… then stops… then restarts as per sync interval time set… but still not continuous…
restarted the whole thing after deleting everything and setting up the email again…
there is some issue after close to 5000 mail downloads when the downloads start slowing down…

in the unfortunate event of em client closing down or whatever

  1. can the backups/database folders be used else where in some other mail client or these mails are then lost forever?

  2. can these mails be re imported into gmail and used again?

  1. No the database cannot be opened by any other email client. But you can export the messages to eml files, which can be opened or imported into most email clients.

  2. As far as I know you cannot import directly into GMail, but you can do it by setting up a GMail IMAP account in any email client and importing the emails that way.

  1. even the backups cannot be opened with other email clients?

  2. i am talking about reimporting into gmail at a later date due to some unwanted issue after they are downloaded via pop3 to the computer and hence deleted already from the gmail server

how do i sync contacts as well with this pop3 setting?
it isnt happening…
i want to be able to sync contacts and emails both ways…

was working fine with the imap config…

  1. The backup is essentially a zipped copy of the database. It cannot be opened by any other email client.

  2. As far as I know you cannot import directly into GMail, but the way to do that is to configure a GMail account as IMAP in a mail client, then import the messages into that email client, and move them to the IMAP folder. That way they will be uploaded to GMail.

The POP3 setup does not include the calendar or contacts. If you use POP3 you will have to set that up separately. Add a new account, and select Contacts > Google Contacts.

does em client have malware or some of these issues? is it unsafe for my computer?

eM Client does not contain any malware. It is safe to use on your computer.

Opening links or external content in emails is not safe unless you are certain of the destination. That will be the same with any email client. eM Client has privacy setting to avoid that. See Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy

yup its blocked
and i havent opened any email links as yet except for some of the emails i am sure about… still this happened…