Mails moved by Outlook-rules don't show in Unread-folder

Running 10.0.2382.
Incoming mails that are moved by Outlook-defined rules do not show in the Unread-folder.
How do I fix this? Do I miss a setting?
Will this work if I remove all Outlook-defined rules and redefine them in EMC?

miércoles 15 mayo 2024 :: 1829hrs (UTC +0100)

I can not be specific about Outlook rules, however works fine for me with eMC rules in v9.2.2258 and have no reason to suppose v10 will be different

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Yes, thanks, I assumed I can do that.
However, is there any other way to show these mails in Unread, without defining all those rules again?

OK, found the reason. My bad. Turns out that the folders the mails were being moved to were not automatically synchronized. Went to “Account settings” → “Exchange Web Services” and ticked on:
“Download automatically for Online Use and Search” and everything is working fine now!