mails for some dates are not being synced while using Gmail IMAP

i am seeing mails for some dates are not being synced while using Gmail IMAP, what could be the reason for this random skipping of mails in syncing?

Same issue here. “Sent” folder is not synching.
Auto folder value is:"[Google Mail]/Gesendet"

Make sure on the gmail web client, that folder is set to “Show in IMAP”.  To do this in the web client, go to settings>labels and make sure all folders you want to sync are checked.  All Mail, Trash and Spam are required, or eM Client will not work properly.

That‘s not the issue. Worked fine before. After switching from W7 to W10 the issue occured. Not sure if the OS is to blame…
Thunderbird and Mailbird working great.

If you have a Pro account, you might want to open a support ticket.

My only suggestion is to delete the account, reenter it and let gmail resync.  Sometimes this will clear issues.

Already tried that - no luck. Will wait for the next update and then try again. Having no pro account, but thanks nevertheless.

Oh geez I may have another issue… I don’t have “Show in IMAP” and it’s because in the IMAP/POP settings BOTH are disabled!  So how in the world is EMC getting my stuff?  I haven’t noticed anything as of yet, it all seems to work fine.  But I’m not using the Gmail web client so maybe that’s it?