Mailing regular groups of contacts / Distribution Lists / Categories

What happened to my mailing list / categories with the update?  In the last version I found it confusing to send mail to my contributors’ distribution list without a resultant mess that left me unconvinced that the result I wanted had occurred.

The help implied that I could/should create a contact category, add the addressees to that category, and then type that category name in the addressee field of new mail.

At first I saw every (sent?) mail message in my Unread folder, one occurence for every recipient. (WHAT?), towards the end, there was a mess with not all the contacts showing in the addressee field.

  1.  It seems to me that it is NECESSARY for users to be able to view contacts by category, a function that I can no longer find.

  2.  My contacts are no longer also kept in a local folder.  Why not?  Are they kept on disc somewhere?

  3.  A user should be able to mail by category.

  4.  A user should be able to create mailing/distribution lists for emails.  I don’t care if each outgoing message is individually addressed, but I suspect some people do.  Is this Mass Mail because that is a term for merging that I have never heard before.

Imagine my having to send several messages a day out to my contributors, and to have to  find who should be on the list when I can’t search by category, and especially when I can’t create/use a distribution list.  That’s one of the basic functions of mail.

In a year NO replies to this, for such a basic function. This function was in Windows Live Mail! It’s ancient! Why is this not in eM Client? Or at least an option to filter by category without weird search parameters.

All the items that Ali says should be able to be done, can be done.

  1. In the contact list, you can sort contacts by category. Just click on the column header. That will group them as he requests.

  2. Contacts are stored in the database. If they are in Local Folders, then they only exist in the database. If they are synced with a provider like Google, then a cached copy is stored in the database, and the original is stored on the server.

  3. You can mail to a category. Right-click on the category header and choose Send Message.

  4. You can create a distribution list (mailing list) by clicking on the down arrow next to the New button, and selecting Distribution List.

If you require further assistance, please ask.

I tried that, and the distribution list is said to be empty.

Not all servers support syncing distribution lists, so they should rather be saved in Local Folders otherwise they will be empty.

When you create a new distribution list, make sure you are saving it in the correct place.

I can create a distribution list, and I have existing CRITICAL distribution lists, they just DON"T WORK.