mailclient.exe - no disk

emclient will not open, it opens a box titled MailClient.exe - no disk.  Then below it reads 'There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into the drive\Device\Karddisk\DR1. ’  what on earth does this mean

Sorry the above should read \Device\Harddisk\DR1

Hello Richard, I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to, are you being prompted like this during an application install or during the regular use of the application? Can you please make a screenshot of the error and submit it to us here on the forum?

Thank you,

This appears every time i try to use emclient and will then not load

For clarity I downloaded it and it worked fine a few times, then today it will not work. I try to open my emails and get this… thanks from Richard

Hello Richard, I’m afraid this is more likely a system issue, do you know what version of eM Client you had installed on your computer before this issue has started to occur?

Can you please try to install this update and check if the issue persists? 6.0.22313.0 , Let me know if you were able to install the update or if the issue persists.