Mailbox Full Error Message

I keep getting error messages stating that my mailbox is full whenever I try to send an email.

Can anybody help, Please??

Usually that quota exceeded error (not accepted) refers to the “recipients mailbox” that’s full and not your own mailbox.

However if you are getting this error sending (to or from) your own email address, go online to your own mailbox and “check your own mailbox quota size”.

If your own mailbox quota is full, contact your mailbox provider to see if more space is available.

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Thankyou cyberzork. I think the problem lies with my mailbox provider. I have an old email account and it is that which is full. I have found some old log on credentials that have allowed me to get into my account settings and I have cleaned my mailbox. I think the moral of this story is “never throw anything away, where computers are concerned”
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated