Mail verdwijnt uit map

ik wil in een verzonden email iets wijzigen. echter de email verdwijnt tijdens het intypen. ook niet meer terug te vinden in spam of prullenbak.
waar kan em client emails nog meer verstoppen?

Have you looked in your SENT folder?

I did, however the disappeared email is not found in that map (“Verzonden”) either.

Have you checked the “Sent” folder located under “Local Folders”?

the Sent folder (““erzonden”) under Local folders (Lokale mappen”") is the only Sent folder I know.

Do you have a “Sent” folder in your account folder tree?

Look Here: MENU > Accounts > General > SEND
Do you have the “Save copy of sent messages to SENT folder” box checked?

yes, this parameter is marked

ANd the answer to this question?

where do I find the account folder tree?

It is located on the left side of the screen, where all your folders are displayed. Your account folder should be near the top of the list.

how can I copy/paste in this conversation the content of the clipboard to you so that I can show the left side of the screen?