Mail to One Account Stopped Suddenly

Hi — Suddenly one of my mail accounts stopped working after working all day “The authentication failed due to the unexpected end stream” was the error message. The AT&T/Yahoo account works fine on the web as does another account with the same settings which also works on eM Client. Is this somehow an AT&T/Yahoo mail (authorization) issue ? If so, why would one account work and not the other ? Any suggestions ? Thanks.

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EXACT same issue. Same error, same date. Tried AT&T support, but as long as login/authentication works via the web, no help. My other android devices work w/ same email account login data, but not with eM Client.

BTW, I temporarily tried adding another AT&T account to eM Client as a test (using another person) and it worked, just not MY account. Somehow AT&T inadvertently will not authenticate my account w/ eM Client only. Mystery!

Hi — Frustrating I know. Tried, per the announcement on this forum, but no go. Got nowhere with Yahoo. Finally tried an AT&T secure mail key again (didn’t work the first time btw), and it worked. If the link doesn’t work for some reason, you can find the page in myAT&T.

eM Client Menu>Accounts>General (tab)>Authentication

Change current password to AT&T secure mail key, save & close. No need to change password on the actual account page.

Should work on Android but can’t swear to it since I’m using a Win laptop.

Only thing I can figure out about the timing of this issue is that AT&T/Yahoo is using a rolling changeover of some kind. Would have been nice to have been alerted to when this was actually going to take place but, considering the history of AT&T/Yahoo mail, not surprising

Good luck.

Thank you, Stewart. Was going to wait until Monday to jawbone AT&T, but your hint and what worked for you also cleared up my email problem too. Interesting that it takes 2 tries at using the Secure Key before the logjam frees up. Many hours wasted b/c AT&T made changes and did not advise as such.

Cost me more than time. I uninstalled eM Client and re-installed to no avail. Now have to figure out how to restore what I had (folders). Tried to use File>Restore using the backup zip file but that doesn’t work. On the hunt again on that issue. Once again, thanks for at least letting me know of you success which became my success.

Glad it worked. In terms of the restoring the missing folders try this:

To manually unzip them, you need to close eM Client and then copy the contents of the archive to C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client, replacing everything that is there.

Or, if you want to unzip them elsewhere, you need to set that location in eM Client. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Storage, and specify the new location where you unzipped the file.

Then you need to restart eM Client for the changes to take affect.

Yes, Stewart…that’s good recovery info. In haste I tried to use the actual zip file backup folder and needed to just go up one level to the folder that has the backup zip folder in it. That worked instantly. Luckily on that small error, not much time was wasted.

As of this moment, back to full-on recovery of the eM Client…but still cursing AT&T for that sneaky change they pulled w/o warning or polite notice. Makes me wonder who else is going crazy on this problem as we speak. Hope they find this thread. Oddly enough, my wife’s email remains unaffected, but as you previously suggested they may be rolling these in batches. At least I know the recovery if hers bombs out on her in the days ahead.

Good to hear. I now only have to wonder what fresh hell AT&T/Yahoo is planning next. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

I have the same issue. I have 2 ATT email accounts that I access with eM Client. 1 stopped working since this weekend and the other still works fine. They use the same server settings and I have the same password on both accounts. I can access via the web with no issues.

Over the years you can see issues with ATT and Yahoo! come in batches. One day someone will mention it, then a few others experience it as well. Then it disappears for months and months. Certainly seems like an issue with the provider and not the application.

Hi — You will need an AT&T secure mail key (not a Yahoo app key) If the link doesn’t work for some reason, you can find the page in myAT&T.

eM Client Menu>Accounts>General (tab)>Authentication

Change current password to AT&T secure mail key on Authentication page only , save & close. No need to change password on the actual account page(s).

Why one account worked when the other didn’t is beyond me but given the AT&T/Yahoo mail history — nothing surprises me anymore.

Hope this works for you. Has for me and another forum member with the same issue.

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