mail template does not work for new mails...only reply and forward

I recently upgraded to em client 3.5.11809.0. I’m not sure if upgrading caused the problem, but now my default mail template does not work for NEW emails. It certainly did before, but now when I click on the “New” toolbar button, my email uses no template. In the Settings | Templates & Signatures tab, I have chosen to use my template for new mails. This does not work. When I also choose to use the template for Reply or Forward emails, those work! Of course, I don’t want use a template for anything other than new mails, so I am not happy. Note that if I select File | New | Mail, I can then choose to use my template, but that is a hassle.

We are sorry to hear that. You are not the first who reports this, we already started to investigate the issue. Can you please send an email to [email protected] ? We will give you further instructions.