Mail stuck in outbox and I'm in online mode with immediate send selected

I’m a new user but have used the hotmail/live mail clients for years. I don’t understand the purpose of the outbox. When I click send, it just sits in the outbox (yes, I have checked the immediate send option). If I try to close the app, it says that a msg is in the outbox but not sent. Yet in the outbox detail for the msg, it gives a time when it was sent. I’ve tried to force a send by hitting the Send and Receive button to no avail. What do I have to do to get it to just send it and again, don’t see the purpose of the outbox (unless immediate send is off, but mine is on) What is going on? I’m not in offline mode and receive mail OK.

I think you might have to check your account settings … especially the STMP settings…user name / password / authentication method.

Tools --> Accounts

Hi, have you seen any error message? What email provider do you use?