Mail stuck in out box, Help!

When I first set up eMC. I wanted to try IMAP and decided to keep my SMTP so that I could have some of the folders that I created that had mail that I needed to keep. I moved my SMTP folders to IMAP. This has caused some problems in that now I only want IMAP but can’t seem to get rid of SMTP. The main issue is that new mail to be sent seems to go to the SMTP out box and sometimes to the IMAP out box and gets stuck there. I can’t seem to find a way to send them, In Windows Live Mail, you could click on the mail and select send. No such option in eMC. I’ve created a mess that I don’t know how to undo. I’m afraid to delete accounts or folders as it will probably remove something on the AOL server that I don’t want to delete. I uninstalled eMC but it removed some folders on the AOL server. I reinstalled eMC hoping that I could install it as IMAP but it seemed to default to SMTP. I added IMAP. I only want IMAP NOT SMTP. Help!!!Tony

IMAP is the protocol used to Receive messages. Other options are POP3 and EWS (Exchange).

SMTP is the protocol used to Send messages.

Maybe you are referring to POP3, not SMTP?

Uninstalling eM Client will not remove folders, or messages, from the server.

I’m computer literate but this email thing has me stumped. I thought I could have IMAP, SMTP and POP3. All I really want is IMAP. I guess to have IMAP I also need SMTP. I have eMC on 2 computers. 1 computer has IMAP, SMTP and POP3. The other has IMAP and SMTP. Don’t know how I set them up so I guess that I need to reinstall eMC. Originally when I installed eMC my POP3 SMPT was under local folders and the IMAP showed up as my email address. When I uninstalled eMC and reinstalled it, I now have an extra folder with my email address which I assume is another account. I got a welcome message from eMC but nothing else goes to that account or whatever it is. I’m reluctant to uninstall and reinstall eMC as I may gain another email account. Any help that you can provide will be appreciated. Sorry that I’m not familiar with the eMC setup.

I believe what you said about eMC not removing any folders but my deleted mail folder was under the SMTP POP3 account but when I reinstalled eMC, that folder got deleted and I now have a deleted folder that is quite a bit smaller than the previous folder. Sorry if I’m confusing you but this is confusing me…Tony

No, you can only have IMAP or POP3, not both. Well technically you can setup the account twice, once as POP3 and once as IMAP, but what would be the point of that? Maybe that is what you had.

If you are using the same email account on more than one computer, then IMAP is the best option as it syncs your Inbox, Sent and other folders with a server. Therefor you see the same thing on all the computers that connect to that account with IMAP. You will have the same messages marked as read, the same drafts, etc. You cannot do that with POP3.

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not create accounts. All it does is keep the settings from the previous install, unless you choose to delete the database directory when uninstalling.

This data also will not be deleted if you remove an IMAP account from eM Client as that data is stored on a server. However if you remove a POP3 account from eM Client, all that data such as Sent items etc. will be deleted.