Mail Sorting - Major Issue

The default mail sorting option is by date, which is great…EXCEPT that it doesn’t factor in the year!  I have messages from last year showing in today’s mail!  I am not the inbox zero type.  I keep some mail that still has relevance to me…that I don’t have a special folder for…in the inbox.  This is a major issue.  Something that can be fixed quickly?

Could this be because you are using the conversation mode?  Are the old messages grouped with new ones?

No, it’s not using conversation mode. 

Well, now that I restarted the app a couple days later, it seems fine.  Very weird.  

Is there a Facebook chat functionality like there is for Jabber and Google Talk?  Thanks much.

I have same problem after import from Thunderbird. eM version 7.1.33042.0. Any suggestions?

Did you restart eM Client?

I closed app and opened again. Also restarted PC. Nothing happened. There are some e-mails from 2011. I don ́t understand it :slight_smile:

Restarting Windows should not make a difference, but you can try.

I tested this with 7.1.33042 and was not able to reproduce it. If it does not resolve after restarting Windows, you can save some messages from Thunderbird as eml files, then import those into eM Client. See if that is any different.

Strange thing is that these e-mails shouldn ́t be in Inbox but in Sent email. I haven ́t noticed that all these e-mails were sent e-mails.

Can you turn off conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) and see if the messages are still showing in your Inbox?

I gave up on the software.  Moved back to Outlook.