Mail size with video

if I forward an email with an attached video the size goes from 8 to 22MB. I can create a new email with the 8.2 MB video and send it, the size in out box is 11.2 which is normal with encoding. If I take that same email which I sent to myself and forward it the size jumps to 22.5 MB still indicating an 8.2 MB video. This causes much slower sending time and in some cases rejection by server for oversize. I am running version 8.2.1509, but this has occurred with all versions of 8. Version 7 seemed to report size as 0 MB Any help with this long existing problem would be appreciated. Roger

If you are re-forwarding an attachment you have sent to yourself particular video, it will again have alot more mail mime encoding / packing up attached to it so the email size will normally grow alot more.

Best option would be to (resend the original) and not the sent copy to yourself or try a compressing the original in eg: .zip or .rar etc if your SMTP server allows that.

Also if you have eM Client V8.x you can now eg: upload your attachment to a folder in Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc and (attach the file from there) which the email will then be way smaller. Lots of peeps do that now too.

How to use cloud attachments in emails | eM Client.

That’s not helpful as I don’t use any of those services. I don’t normally forward email to myself I did that to test and prove the issue. I just want to get e m client to work properly without inflating the email size. V7 did not have this issue. Also if you open the email in the out box and resend the size drops back to 11.2 MB please explain that.