Mail signature from external link not working


I’m using the latest version of emclient and setup to all my e-mails work with HTML format.

When I try to create a signature to use a image with external link, if I open the image link, example:

In old versions of emclient if I open the image above, press: ctrl + a and ctrl + v inside the signature editor it automatic paste the signature with the image using external link.

In current version if I try to do this it shows a green text: “Copied”

And there’s only option to select images from folder. But I don’t want to attach the image inside each e-mail that I sent… the correct would be add external images to load when user open my e-mail, instead of attach a file!

I also tried use copy right click: copy image and copy image address, both not work!


For one thing, linking to your image won’t work properly. Your signature is a collection of individual links (one for each social media icon) and text, etc., so inserting it as an image, or a link to a single image will be pointless. The user will not be able to copy the website address, or click on the facebook icon. Just try it with your image above.

You will need to get the HTML code from the provider and insert that.

But if you want to insert a linked image, when creating the signature right-click and choose Insert > Image as link. This inserts a link to an online image, so if you change the image on the server, all historical messages you sent with that link will update to the new image.

This image that I sent was just an example, the “image as link” option fix my problem!

Thank you Gary!

PS - EM Client also supports html code in signature?

Yes, the signature is HTML.

When editing/creating a signature, right-click and choose Edit Source. That will show you the HTML.