Mail settings for SMTP - getting connection error

We are currently using Windows Live Maill on Windows 7.  Would like to move to eM Client so I downloaded and installed it so we can try it out before upgrading to Pro.

Windows Live Mail has no problems checking or sending mail.

eM Client has the exact same settings, but will not send mail.  Keep getting an error about not connecting to the server.  

I have completely uninstalled any antivirus and that didn’t help (we had eSet and am going to re-install since it didn’t make a difference).   When I use the eM Client diagnostics, its shows that IMAP is good, but still can’t connect to SMTP or fix it.

Any suggestions as to where I should start looking for an answer?

Thank you,

What SMTP port are you using?

Using Secure SSL/TLS on Port 465

Same settings that the other 4 computers are using.  The others have no issues.

We’ve tried this with Windows Live Mail and eM Client.   Windows Live Mail has intermittent errors on SMTP, but eM Client won’t connect at all.

I’m thinking that since it is not working on this computer, that maybe a corrupt Windows file or something ?