Mail sended by error

I would like to know if someone can help me with a problem I am having.
I sent an email to several people and realized that I forgot to do it via CCI. Is it possible to delete the shipment if the person has not yet opened it? If so, how do you proceed?

Thank you in advance !

Once the message has left eM Client and been received by the server, you cannot stop it.

eM Client 8 does have an option to use delayed send by default, if this is something that you regularly need to do. That way you can set the delay for all outgoing messages from 1-10 minutes, then if you make a mistake, you can simply cancel the send, edit, and resend.

Thank you for your response but i don’t know where is this option and, so, how to choose this. Can you help me about this ?

Thank you in advanced !

If you are using the version 8 beta, you will find it in your settings.

This setting is not available in version 7.

I haven’t the version 8, unfortunately…
But thank you very much for your help !

Version 8 was officially released today. Maybe give it a try.

Ok, thank you for the information !