mail rules with multiple words: how to achieve logical AND ?

It seems that defining a rule to filter for multiple words in the message body, then the filter acts on a logical OR between these words. How can it be achieved to either AND-connect these filter words (or use wildcards) ? There is a post from eM telling to apply a space character to achieve this - but this does not seem to work on HTML-Tags in the message body.
E.g. how would one filter out mails containing a string like ‘[" rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" title=“Link httpwwwanythingrucom”>">](<a href=)’ ? Defining a rule with two word strings: body contains ‘[http://www.](<a href= “Link httpwww”)’ , '.ru"> filters out all messages containing either of those strings, and a rule with wildcards like body contains ‘[" rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" title=“Link httpwwwru”>http://www.*.ru">](<a href=)’ does not work.
Thanks in advance

Hi, eM Client unfortunately does not include advanced filtering options that would allow you to filter out messages that contain links to selected first level domains, however you should be able to filter out a message using the a tag, using the above mentioned criteria in your rule.

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Thank you Paul, but the spam plague currently affecting many email accounts usually has a varying part in the HTML “a href” tag, though it all refers to a russian or chinese domain in the HTML message body.

IMHO eM has not fully seen that a simple “AND” clause between filter words would be a MAJOR SELLING POINT for eM, as this is a UNIQUE feature that competition like Thunderbird cannot provide (at least regarding HTML tags in message bodies). This would make eM Client a highly praised weapon against spam attacks for lots of people, and will be a wonderful marketing and advertisement argument for eM client.
Regards - Robert

At that point I wonder if emClient can filter the raw message body at all or just the already parsed body.

Perhaps Paul can clarify a bit better?


Yes you can filter out the raw message content when using the "words found in body’ option in rules, you can filter out links as the original poster suggested, however it is not possible to use wildcards to filter out first level domain links etc.