mail receiving problems

we have set up an account importing e-mails from our old Talktalk account through BT, and our new BT account. The maill arrives instantly on my wifes 02 phone, but seems to take forever to be received on our e-client account. What are we missing ?


Can you tell me what mail protocol are you using? You can find out in Tools>Accounts. Click on your account and tell me if there is a POP3 tab or IMAP tab. In case your account is running on POP3, please go to Settings>General and lower the interval in “Synchronize items every X minutes” checkbox. 

If you are using IMAP, let me know, as that would indicate a problem with your connection.


thank you for your response Dave,  my system was set to POP3, it was synchroniized to 11 minutes which I have changed to 1. I have told the system to apply this. But we were receiving e-mails hours after receiving them. Would Windows 10 updates affect e-client mail ?

thank you for your response Dave, my system was set to POP3 and was synchronized to 11 minutes, which I have changed to one I have confirmed with the system to apply thIs
We were receiving e-mails hours after the 11min sync. I have heard that windows 10 updates do affect E-client and Outlook do you agree with this ? and if so how can it be rectified.