Mail not showing up

When I look on my phone there are emails in the inbox that do not appear in emclient. The indicator in emclient shows +2 but the mail does not download.

I am using version 10.0.1495 on Windows 11. I tried to go back to version 9 but it would not allow it. Is there a way to downgrade?

Sounds like you may have V10 default Categories enabled in eM Client on your computer so your emails you are not seeing “are in the other Category tabs”.

On the right of the “Primary tab” do you see other Tabs ?. Eg: If it’s a Gmail account, it has by default Promotions , Social , Other etc.

So if you have different Category tabs and don’t want email automatically going in there, “Right click in a blank space” on the Category toolbar, and you will see options to disable whatever any Categories you don’t want. You can disable all of them if you want.

Example Gmail account with V10 Category tabs enabled.

Thank you for the help. I have gone back to version 9. I will back it up and try this.