Mail Merge Feature before I buy?

I want to move from Outlook to eM Client.

A big part of what I need is Mail Merge. My outgoing server has a limit on the mails I can send at one time (70 emails in the bcc field).

Currently in Outlook I can Mail Merge with a spreadsheet so it sends, for example, 700 “individual” emails to customers. One email for each person and this is what I need. I do not want to send out “one” email to 700 people (using bcc for example).

The emails must be ONE separate mail for each individual.

Can eM Client do this?

Thank you!

From the eMC help file:

Send as Mass Mail - PRO feature - sends one email per recipient, so it in result gives an impression that the email has been composed for each recipient separately. Inserting a Variable is interrelated with sending mass emails

Thank you so much. Is there a limit to how many emails I can send in one merge do you know?

I have no idea… perhaps someone else will be able to help

viernes 27 agosto 2021 :: 2041hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @monkeyface

I can’t answer your query concerning number of emails that can be sent.
Personally, I believe, giving the size of your mailing database, that you should
use a dedicated mailing program.
We use Fast Mailer Pro; we have it configured to send personally addressed
emails in batch numbers of your choice with your choice of pause between
batches; we send approx 20,000 emails twice a month to clients, we do
not send mail-shots though there is no reason why it could not be used
in this way.
Perhaps the only limiting factor will be imposed by your ISP, though
from what you say the pause might obviate this for you.
We have it set to send in batches of 100 with a 20 sec batch pause,
it works as click and forget over night. The biggest effort is composing
each bi-monthly update newsletter.
It will send HTML emails with clickable links.
It maintains a database and will automatically flag dead addresses.

Just a thought, I don’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t

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I am in the first 30 days using emClient before purchasing. I cannot mail merge. But are you saying that if I pay for emClient I will be able to mail merge, like “Hello /firstname/” ?? Thank you.

It is available while you are still in the evaluation mode.

Create a message, and add all the recipients. When you are ready to send, click the down-arrow in the Send button and choose Send as Mass Mail.

This will send a message to each recipient separately. If you have added variables in the message, they will be replaced from data from the Contact details you have for that recipient.

So you may have:

Hello {Given Name}

That will be replaced by:

Hello Michael (or whatever the contact’s first name is)

So an individual personalized message to each recipient.

Hello Gary

Thank you.

  1. Where can I find the list of variable?

First name
Last name
Full name

  1. I have 400+ contacts and I want to have them in categories

Close Friends

Question: How do I send a mass mail to a ‘category’ easily without having to select (or type) each person into the TO: field?

I would love to see a video how this is done, if anyone has made one. :+1::grinning:

I am really liking emClient.

Thank you sir,

I am also interested in this feature - where can I find an overview of the variables? :slight_smile:

You can find the variables by composing a new message, and then by right-click, choosing Insert > Variable. Other than the date options, these will be replaced by data from the contact you have for the recipient when you click on Send.


I also need a mail merge feature, but mine may be more complex. I have to sent out grant awards, so each individual gets an email, saying, “Dear xxx”, I am happy to inform you that you have been awarded “$xxx” for your project, “xxxx”. Right now I can get everything working in Word, using an Excel spreadsheet for the database, but then if I want to email the letters, it automatically tries to open Outlook, which I do not use. Is there any way to do this in emClient? Thanks!!!