Mail Link Issue

HI. I’m considering swithcing to eM but my customers sends me orders which require clicking on a link . This link link works in Outlook or Mailbird, but not in eM. It looks like this: “WorkOrderReply?WorkNo=XXXXXXX-P01&lang=E”   Any idea ?

Here is the corresponding source code:

rReply" target=3D"\_blank" \> XXXXXXX-P01&lang=3DE"\>Press this link for confirmation.= a\>

There was a situation recently where non-standard links in emails from would not load the images in eM Client, but worked just fine when I tried them in Thunderbird. I think that this might be the same situation.…

I sent this on to Russel over at eM Client, and they confirmed that there was an issue, but I did not hear anything further on the subject. I would assume that he passed it on to the developers, but there has not been an update to eM Client since then, so I don’t know if anything was done to fix it.

Thanks for your answer. There must be a way to make it work. MailBird at the same issue before and it was solved. I would prefer to switch to eM as it really has nice features, but this damn link is a no-go for me unfortunately.

The same email works just fine in Thunderbird. We will just have to wait for eM Client developers to fix the problem with non-standard links. ;-(