Mail in Junk Folder not Deletable

Why won’t eM Client delete mail from the Junk folder?
I select the email, delete it, then remove it from the deleted items folder and it returns to the Junk folder. Very strange.
I use the gmail function on my HTC One to delete the Junk and it gets deleted.

Hi, this is because junk folder is basically just like any other folder. It’s not a trash folder with junk mail. You should be able to empty the junk folder though.
What mail service are you using?

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Mail service is gmail. Until I went to eM C, I accessed through Google.
If I access mail through Google now, the Junk (Spam) folder will send the items to the Delete folder and then they can be permanently deleted.

In eM C they never get deleted from the Delete folder, they always show up again in Junk.
Also, I access my mail from another computer that is Google/gmail based, and I can delete the junk emails as one normally would.

I am still puzzled.

Hi, can you please try updating your application to this version ( and let me know if it solved the issue?

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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the link. I downloaded it and installed the client again, however it still does the same thing. It did not ask for a re-start.

Hi, we’ll try to look into this issue, however we are not able to replicate it, in the meantime if you need to get rid off some junk mail you should be able to delete emails right away by using shift + delete. That way they’re deleted without moving to the deleted folder.

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OK Paul, thanks for the tip, that seemed to work. I will use that going forward.


How about offering the option of deleting emails in both the Junk and Junk Email folders upon exit??

Hi Ben, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll pass the idea to developers for future releases, but maybe if you’d like to see this feature, make an “Idea” topic and let other users vote, that way if the user feedback for the feature is sufficient, it can speed up the process for adding it.

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I found this thread via search.  I was getting ready to start a topic on the same subject.  I use Gmail for both home and work (2 different accounts).  I see this behavior in both accounts:

Junk E-mail folder will have items in it.  I use ctrl-A to select all items, and then hit the delete key.  I then see these items moved to the trash folder, which is correct.  So, I then right-click Trash and select Empty Trash.  I see the emClient busy spinner on the account line, and then  exact same items show up again back in the Junk E-mail folder.

Usually, doing this twice is enough to get the junk items permanently deleted.  However, my home account has been unusually persistent the last couple days in putting the items back in Junk E-mail.  I’ve been though this process probably a half-dozen times, and the old junk items keep reappearing.