Mail history reading direction

Hi guys. Just started using em client to trial it as a viable alternative for Outlook. Setup was nice and easy but I"m noticing that when I look at an email that has some history that the newest communications are at the bottom not the top of the mail. I don’t want to be scrolling down to the end of the mail to read my reply. Is there a way to flip this around?

An unmonitored and unused community is another reason to avoid this application now unfortunately.

It’s not an unmonitored community, but it is a free application and as such a little patience is expected when asking for assistance! Not everyone will be able to help you on here as some are just learning about it themselves.

It is a simple thing to address as the views/messages are reasonably customisable in Em Client. I have my newer messages show at the top by default so I just had a hunt about for it and it may be this:

Thanks Captain. I know you can’t expect quick responses on a free version but I’m using the free version with view to paying for pro and recommending pro as an alternative to Outlook which we all dislike. Just being honest with you it’s just frustrating when a support or community forum for 1 of only a handful of alternatives to the most popular email client on the planet is so quiet when I get an answer in minutes on my homebrew forum for example. Not so much frustration at emclient and its followers but that enthusiasm to dump Outlook seems low.

Anyway thanks for having a look for me. I tried the above and it changes the order of your actual mails not the content of the mails and their history so not what I’m after.

Yes, I understand as I’m an IT contractor and deal with Exchange/Outlook regularly but like you needed another product to recommend to clients who can justify the costs involved. I understand that when you pay for a pro license you get access to direct support but this is not provided for the free product as I assume it would increase their cost base.

With regards to your issue, the content in the actual mail window appears with the latest replies at the top and if I reply/forward it puts a cursor then my sig in with the rest of the email chain below in descending order.

I’m trying to think if I did anything unusual to enable it. Here are a selection of my settings that may affect it, I don’t know if they do but it can’t hurt to try!

Conversations - Disabled
Message List - As in above pic
Mail Format - Both HTML
Signatures and Mail Templates set up for New, Replies & Forwards
Replies & Forwards set as this:

Not sure I understand this “the newest communications are at the bottom not the top of the mail” part of your question, or “it changes the order of your actual mails not the content of the mails” above. eMclient displays all emails you receive, including replies and forwards, just as the sender wrote them. It never changes the contents of the email. No email client does that.

Now, in the case of replies, some (most?) people add their reply to the top of the message, some at the bottom, yet others inline their replies inside the body of the original. In all cases, however, what you see is exactly the way they wrote their reply.

This can be easily verified. Send an email to yourself, reply to it in whatever style you prefer, then compare what you wrote to what you see in the Sent folder, and what you get in the Inbox. They should all match, of course.

D’oh! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!