Mail header coloured icon support and option to disable start-up splash screen

Currently eM client does not support colour icons (only black and white) in Mail title headers.
Add support for coloured icons.

Add to General setup, the ability to disable the start-up flash screen.

Looks colorful to me.

Or are you referring to something else?

Hi, I have just switched from using Thunderbird to your email client. I took the plunge and purchased a licence under your Black Friday deal.

My first impressions are good. However Thunderbird supports coloured icons for internal program icons and also for the icons which can be included as part of the received email message header.
I have attached a screen capture of my Thunderbird application for your information:

Louie Everett

OK, I see what you were asking about.

I guess you haven’t seen the new Thunderbird yet Louie?


Hi, I have the latest version of Thunderbird v78.5.1.

I run Thunderbird with two extensions installed:
Phoenity Buttons
Phoenity Icons


eM Client does not use extensions.

Hi, I know eM Client does not use extensions and neither does the basic issue of Thunderbird.
But Thunderbird does provide the ability to incorporate coloured icons via extensions.

This is why I have requested that a future update of eM Client support coloured icons. I appreciate they do not effect the way the program operates, but they enhance the look of the application and more pleasing to the eye making the user experience more pleasant.