Mail files local storage

With multiple pop accounts configured, one may want to backup all locally stored files in “C:/Users/data/…”

Wondering what is the exact path and file names & extensions that contain the actual mailboxes mail content…

Thank you

You will need to backup the whole C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder as the files in the database are not individually usable.

eM Client has its own backup which you can run manually from Menu > Backup, or automatically by configuring it in Menu > Settings > General > Backup.

Thank you very much, Gary.

Could you please confirm that in a new Windows installation, whether my current version 10 or later, I can restore my eM Client mail folders & settings from either the online or the local (external storage) backup?

The backup takes a snapshot of the database. You can then restore that on the same device at a later time to revert to that snapshot, or another device to duplicate the database, as long as it has the same or newer version of eM Client. The OS versions doesn’t make much difference though we don’t support Windows XP nor MacOS 10.4, or older.