Mail disappeared after select "delayed send" option

I wrote a very loooog and very important mail and select “delayed send”, the mail just disappeared. I searched for every folder but with no result.
Is it a bug? My mail just disappeared or it’s saved to another hidden place?

The version of the client is: 7.1.31849.0

Thank you very much!!

Until sent, the email goes into the Outbox, which is a generally a local folder.  Go to menu/tools/settings/general and check “Show local folders” in the general section and see if your email is there.

Edwin…wondering if you resolved the issue…did you find a delayed send email somewhere?  I used that feature (and now, wish I hadn’t) but can’t find the email and  therefore, don’t know if it was sent.

I confirm, message is placed in Local folder / Sent until the specified time (and you get a warning about unsent messages when you close application)