Mail Delivery System Error

Help. Pretty much every time I send an email now, it keeps bouncing back, unsent. Sometimes it will send (to the same email address), most of the time it won’t! This is happening with pretty much most emails I send to various people now.

Can you please give the full error?

Normally when an email is bounced, it comes with a message telling you why it bounced. Perhaps you can’t interpret the computer’s message but we can’t help without knowing what it is.

The most common reason my emails get bounced is that once a year or so, someone on the same server as my smtp server got marked as spam on an email they sent. In fact, usually 5 or 10 at a blacklist company like spamcop. They block for 1 or 2 days and see what happens. My mail server company handles it or the short term block is removed by time.

I solve the issue by sending to that person with another account. Everyone needs to be able to send from at least 2 accounts. Perhaps your business account or isp account, or gmail (shudder) account. Have you tried sending from another account?