mail deleted too early

Ver 6.0.21372.0 Pro + Liftime. Win Vista HP 32bit. Pop3/Smtp.
My account setting is set to keep mail on server, delete after 7days, remove after etc.
In fact all standard.
I got an email Sat 14th Feb (pm UK time) it was moved from inbox to a local folder. It has been deleted on the server.
But not by me, nor by my Web Host (paid) as they do not touch anything.
This is not the first time but it is rare.

I note that the wording under Pop3 tab says 'remove from server when deleted from ‘Deleted Folder’
What deleted folder, I have Trash.

Your Trash is your “Deleted folder” it contains deleted items, thus if you delete a message from your inbox and later empty the trash, the message will be removed from the server as well.

If you’re using the automatic deletion option for your server, the deletion is being always performed by the server, not eM Client, as eM Client is setup to keep all the received messages when using a POP account.

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Paul! I know that the Trash Folder  is the Deleted Folder & that it will be removed… etc, etc.

My point was a simple one. And that is ‘Continuity’. Please read again - I said “I note that”. I am talking about file naming conventions.

My server gets its delete instruction from the mail client. Where else?




Hi again David, the POP3 protocol does not synchronize your items with the server, so the message can only be deleted from the server when it’s either deleted by the server settings, e.g. the message was older than 7 days or has been removed from the Trash folder.

Deleting an item in eM Client will not remove the item from the server unless you’re using an IMAP protocol to synchronize your items with the server, otherwise the server deletes the messages automatically based on the server settings that you can setup either online in the webmail or even in eM Client.


Look at the dates. All is set for 7 (seven) days. It was deleted yesterday. That is 6 (six) days.

Paul, there is another server configuration that is being missed here perhaps. That is mine.
I use a Web Mail Server & a desktop client (SMTP & POP3) SMTP on 587
I use the Web Mail via browser whilst away from home.
My Web Mail server does not delete until storage limit.

Hi again David, unfortunately the deletion while using a POP3 account is performed by the server, not eM Client.

If the message is being deleted from the server early while using the POP3 protocol to download your unread messages, please contact your mail server support in order to resolve the issue.

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I am having trouble posting at any length with FF or IE9