'Mail Delete Undo'

In version 8 is there any way to extend the pop up time of the ‘Mail Delete Undo’ prompt?
You see this prompt immediately after deleting an email.

Thank you.

Hi, you just press Ctrl & Z to undelete on Windows after the Undo prompt goes away, or Control & Z keys i think on Macintosh.

The only problem i am find currently is that if you press Ctrl & Z on Windows in the Inbox to undelete an email using an eg: Gmail account, it undeletes the email ok, but a few seconds later the email disappears. Its only then viewable in “All Mail”. I have to ten drag it back to the Inbox. Replicated this over and over using V8.2751 Windows. This problem does happen with my Live.com account in EM.

Using POP3, Ctrl & Z on Windows does not undelete once an item has actually been deleted from Trash or Junk Mail. Ctrl & Z will however undo most last actions you’ve taken. I’ve been using Ctrl & Z to undo/reverse different kinds of actions for the longest time. When you delete an email from user folders it’s not deleted, it’s actually just moved to the Trash then pressing Ctrl & Z just reverses the move. If you delete from Trash or Junk Mail the email is gone for good.
I use a POP3 account so I can have all email remain on my server for 90 days or more after deleting from eM Client. This allows for recovery of important emails deleted by mistake from eM Client…unless of course there is the option to select ‘delete emails from my server when I delete from eM Client’ checked off.
If you use an IMAP account the email will be deleted off your server at the same time you delete from EC.

Options available for POP3:

@fitness Yes of course Ctrl & Z will not undelete if its deleted from the trash. I was referring to the Inbox or an Email folder as an example. I personally use IMAP mailboxes & make copies of important emails when they arrive (incase of accidently deletion) using the “Copy to Folder” option in EM Client. Works for me and never lost any important email.

So the question still remains…
Anyone have an answer?