Mail database corrupted - can I fix this

I have been using eM Client for about 3 weeks now, moving away from Outlook. I was quite pleased by all the features and interface and planned to purchase a Pro account - up to now. What happened is when I couldn’t find some e-mails (sent and received) to a particular customer today, I used the “restore” function (under File > Restore) thinking this was going to fix the database (I’ve been getting “checking for corrupted database” messages a couple of times after my PC crashed). I know this meant that data could be lost since my last backup, which was about a week ago. My main e-mail account is a POP account, but it is set to keep all messages for 10 days, which means I would be able to retrieve all my messages since the last backup. 

Unfortunately, after I did the restore 

  • The lost messages stil were missing
  • But much much worse: ALL of my sent messages since I started using eM Client on Jan. 3rd are gone.
    This is very problematic for me since my received/sent messages are basically where all my interactions with clients, co-workers, suppliers etc. are kept. (and it’s going back many years). 

So here’s my question: is there any way to properly restore my database from some older file? I know I lost “only” 3 weeks of sent messages, but if this problem occurs regularly using eM Client is no longer an option - which I would regret because I really like how this program works.

I might add that my mail database is really very big, messages going back many years. Maye eM Client can’t very well handle large amounts of data?

Hi User,

eM Client is able to handle large databases and we tested it for extreme database sizes. If you wish to restore from a backup, you can do so in Menu > File > Restore - it’s a feature for restore, not a database fix.

However, is it possible that after the crash, you installed a newer version and so the database didn’t load properly? (We changed the database format between versions 7.1 and 7.2). If so, install the older version from our release history: first and then restore the database. After this, you can update eM Client to the newest version.


Thanks for your reply Russel. As I pointed out, I am new to eM Client since Jan. 3rd this year and I installed the latest version (7.2.34208.0) and no updates have been applied since.
Also I am aware that the restore function is not a db fix, but like I said I had seen the “corrupt database check” a couple of times prior to my recent problems, so I just mentioned that because it could be related. 
Meanwhile, I have noticed earlier today that my Sent items since Jan. 3rd “magically” reappeared, I’m pretty sure though they were missing before.
Anyways, at this moment it seems I’ve been able to recover most of my mails since 2015 (the older items are still in my Outlook archive) so I’m working again.
Thank you again for your reply Russel, if you have some more tips to share for me, please do!