mail_data.LocalMailContents error

mail_data.LocalMailContents error corrupted
I cannot find the database folder, so the program doesn’t start, how i can?


The database is located in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming - you will need to enable showing hidden folders to be able to see AppData. To delete the database, simply delete the “eM Client” folder, when you start eM Client again it will create a new fresh database.


I just had the same/similar problem, SQL errors on this, and I’m not keen on deleting all my configs and having to reset/re-enter all the info again, so the diagnostics trace showed the error was in my Hotmail account (I have 4 accounts with different sites), so just deleted the Hotmail and re-added that as an exchange account again (did this about 1 year ago due to synch errors), and all seems OK now.