mail_data.dat size changes on import

Hi, when we import mail from an old pc with em client 6 on to a new pc with em client 7 on the mail_data.dat changes in size and we lose quite a lot of mail. is there any way to repair the old database or to maybe import as is so we can access the mails we lost?

Hello Peter,

We would recommend first making a backup through Menu ->File ->Backup on the old PC.
Install eM Client 7 there as well and on the first run of the program, do confirm Import of data from eM Client 6 (if you accidentally skip it, you can import them any time using the Menu - File - Import - Import from eM Client 6 option).
Now make a backup from eM Client 7 on the old PC.

Transfer the backup file to the new computer and copy it to the location that you can see in eM Client-> Menu ->Tools -> Settings ->General -> Backup - Target directory.
Go to Menu -> File -> Restore…, select the backup file and then wait for you data to be imported.