Mail client auto moving to an unread message

I leave my client on a specific message, but when new messages come in, it often auto moves to a new unread message instead of just staying on the message I was on. This is new behavior since the last update. So, this BUG was introduced with the latest revision and needs to be reversed.

I see this company is starting to become stripped down as many are. So no one is listening to issues. Time to see if I can find a better email client.

Perhaps none of the volunteers has a resolution or suggestion… perhaps you should open a support ticket to get the support you are expecting from paid employees. Oh and BTW, you may have to subscribe (pay) for that option.


This is new behavior since the last update. So, this BUG was introduced with the latest revision

I can’t replicate that auto moving up messages as you described with the latest eM Client for Windows version.

What version of eM Client do you have, and are you using Windows or Mac.

Also when this happens, is this with a eg: laptop where you use a eg: touchpad as a mouse.

Full PC, no touch screen or pad. Overnight I was on a previously read message, this morning I wake up and the program moved the message to the most bottom unread message. This seems to happen when new messages populate and the program is minimized.


Full PC

What version of eM Client do you have, and what version of Windows are you running ?

Windows 10, build 19043.1288
Client version 8.2.1658 (845a639)


Ok so that’s the same version of Windows 10 and eM Client V 8.2.1659 which works perfectly for me. Leaving eM Client minimized for 24hours (for me), does not move up to unread messages.

So I suspect either eg: you have some sort of corrupted install of the eM Client or you have some optional program or hardware issue that is causing the program to move up to the unread message.

First thing i would do is uninstall eM Client and “don’t delete the database” when asked on the uninstall. Then d/l V8.2.1659 again from the version history page and reinstall. . Before uninstalling backup first via “Menu / Backup”.

If you still have the same problem, then suggest to “disable all background tasks” and reboot your pc to see if there is some optional background program causing the issue. If eM Client then works ok, enable the background programs one at a time and reboot till you find which program is causing it.

If disabling all background tasks no differance, then i would be “making a test” Windows user profile and see if eM Client still has that issue. If a new Windows profile works you can then restore your eM Client data from your original profile as well as your original user personal profile data.

Lastly if even a new user profile makes no differance, then there is something going on with either the Windows OS itself or a Hardware related pc issue somewhere causing it. You may need to save all your data and do a clean Windows install and then restore your data etc to rule out an OS issue.

Could be the eg: keyboard has a fault and the (up arrow) is automatically being pressed randomly without you knowing, or the (mouse scroll wheel) has a fault and is moving randomly without you knowing. So id even try a differant keyboard and/or mouse to rule out any hardware issue.

OK, it is midnight that this happens. I was awake, browsing when it jumped while minimized. I usually sit on an important email that I want to review daily. It might be several messages, or just the next message after unread messages. All this reinstall garbage (yes I have been a PC technician for many years) is BS. I tried many things before writing here, including reinstall of the software, etc. Something is incorrectly working and it isn’t my PC.


If the suggestions you are receiving is BS, perhaps you should do what I suggested previously… OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET!

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