Macros for composing and replying to Emails

Provide macros for email templates for greeting and other pertinent info relative to creating and responding to emails.>>Example>>

  1. Replies>>Hi %name%,-- Where %name% is the contact name of the email being responded to.
    Allow custom Macros to be created for specific info…Ie, Business greeting, Personal Greeting, Time insertion, Date, Insertion, etc

100% yes
It is one of the reason I do not use EM…

the templates need to be more customizable

In business it is still too light even if it is an interesting client

I think it would make fine sense to be able to use macros in the templates.
If you define more templates (in different languages) it would be very good if you could specify which to use as default in a specific folder (or to a specific recipient domain).

Hi, thank you for your suggestion, we’ll consider making some changes to templates in future releases.
However macros are currently not a planned feature at the moment, you can setup templates for different email addresses but only for the ones you own.

I hope you can manage to use the current settings, thank you,