MACOS version 9 Swipe

Is there any swipe option in a mail list, as in macos mail app? Its a very functional thing for deleting, archiving, tagging.

It should be there ( but there is no setting such written.


This is a function for touch screens, not touch pads.

Well, is there any macos with touchscreen? In compare here How We Compare on Mac | eM Client (for mac) there is a swipe option.

Thank you for reporting that. We will correct the comparison page.

Rather make swipe option, please.

Agreed - I have a magic mouse that support swipe features.
This is standard on every other mac mail client.

Would be great to have that

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Agreed. It’d be great if this was a feature. Seems odd there would be such a disparity like this between the two, especially given touchpads are likely the majority (minus mice) on desktops compared to touch screens.

I think samething, this option are the most of trackpad on macbook. It is possible for me to don’t use more em Client for that… :frowning: