MacOS Monterey compatability

I am using MacOS Monterey beta and am unable to launch eM Client on Beta 6 and the app gets stuck in a boot loop. It never launches.


eM Client has not officially released any version yet for Monterey as the OS (is still Beta) and many things can change in OS Betas. When Monterey is officially released then you will see at some stage after an eM Client for Mac update via the Mac version history page. So keep checking this page.

You are forgetting a very important thing. If you wait until the final release of Monetery will be there, that will mean that the current emClient version stops working until you will release an update. And it is not uncommon that such a process is taking several months. How are you going to solve that? I promise you loads of pissed customers, including me. I see no other option than finding myself another email client. Furthermore, it is very strange that all other (third party) apps - and, believe me, I have lots them - are working flawless. The only exception I experienced are VPN apps; but these are very special security apps, not to compare with apps like email clients.

The next service release of eM Client for Mac should be available before Monterey is officially released.

So, you áre already working on a Monterey compatible version. In another thread this was denied; a new version of emClient was only to be developed when the final release of Monterey is there, because of expected changes in de beta’s of the new macOS.

Yes, the service release is already tested and working on the latest Monterey beta.

But as is the nature of beta software, you can never be certain until they are finished. For example, this service release did not work on earlier betas, but since Apple have done more work on building their new OS, our next build does work without a problem.

I understand. What you mean is that a service release could be working in the one macOS beta, however, not necessarily in the next beta.

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Hi, is it possible to release that service version, so people on Monterey can use emClient?

It is still being tested. If all goes well, maybe a couple of weeks.

Perhaps the paying lifetime users can be utilized to test the beta?

An update was released yesterday.

Please check for updates from within eM Client, or restart the application.

If you are not offered an update, please download it here.

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An update was released yesterday

Good news. I have a friend who is running eM Client on Mac & eager to upgrade to Monterey, so will try that new eM Client Mac update when i’m there next :+1:

Is this the latest version now compatible with Monterey?

The latest version available for download since October 26 in the Release History:

Yes @Gary V8.2.1687 works fine with Monterey with my friends Mini Mac recently :+1:.