Macos: clicking link does not focus browser

On macOS, if I receive and e-mail that contains a URL and I click that URL, it opens in a new tab in one of the open browser windows, but that window (which may be on a different desktop than eM Client) is not focused, so you have to search for it. Doing the same with changes the desktop to that where the browser window is located.

Is there a setting I’m overlooking, or is this a missing feature?

When you say “May be on a differant desktop” is the browser opening on another virtual desktop, or an extended differant screen.

It could be either. I use an external monitor and several virtual desktops.

Ah ok. Yes does sound like Mac Mail has been programmed specially to do that for extended desktops or virtual desktops and eM Client for Mac maybe doesn’t support that as yet as you said or is a bug and should be working.

Hopefully some other eM Client for Mac peeps on this forum can test that as well.

Btw - What Mac OS version do you have and which browser do you have as the default.

I’m on macOS 10.15.7. The default browser is Safari.

What happens if you install another browser (like Chrome) and set that as default. Does the browser come into focus after clicking the link in eM Client?