Maco to Move Email to a Folder and View Email by Conversation Thread

I’m sold on eM client if I can verify the following one or two features can be done.

  1. Can you create/configure a button so that when clicked it MOVES an email to a folder.
  2. Can you arrange email by conversation.

If any of you would also like to see the “delayed send” feature added to emClient, please vote for Delayed Send here:…


  1. Right click - move to folder.
    Button would be useless, it would have same functionality (click - choose folder) so there is no point implementing it when there is already fast and easy way how to do it.

  2. This is planned for a long time but was causing many troubles, anyway it is not rejected as we know that this is important feature.

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I would disagree that Rick Click-Move to Folder is useless. Let me explain, I am a Gmail user, and I suspect quite a few users of eM are as well. Right-Click | Scroll Down to Move | Select Folder is tedious to do for EVERY SINGLE email in your Inbox. I want to keep a history of email and need to store it in a folder that is not my Inbox. I can’t setup a rule to auto COPY an instance of the email to the alternate folder and then DELETE it out of my inbox when completed. When I delete it, Gmail will also delete it from my Inbox.

That said, having to Right-Click | Scroll down to Move | and then select the same folder over and over is tedious.


I think you have misunderstood - I was offering you solution “Right click - move to folder” is already presented.

And because of this standalone button would be useless and therefore is not planned.
We are still considering new layout so it would be nonsense to put at this moment anything into it before it will be properly tested.

Also you can use ctrl + mouse click to check emails and then move them at once, also with shift and click…

There is simply enough features around move that including more would only cause eM Client become unusable like Thunderbird also.

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I can respect your right not to implement it, but if you are a Product Manager and can’t see that replacing multiple mouse clicks with a single mouse click as a productive tool, there’s nothing more to discuss.

Let me rephrase, is there considersation for a tool to “record” a set of keystrokes and be able to create a button for it as a user, not asking to have you create the button but rather allow the user to create a macro and make it a button.

well I am not product manager, I am just employee and all my answers to new ideas are just something that I was told to form my superiors.

Only thing you can use for moving emails are “rules” in tools - rules. But they work only on not read email when it is received for first time.

otherwise I really does not see any pluses from doing one click instead of two…

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It;s 3 clicks and the difference is 66% less work. Considering I get 180-250 emails per day, it makes a huge difference.

V6 does support customizable shortcuts so you can make your own shortcut for “Move to Folder” command. After using that shortcut choose a folder you want to move the message to and press OK. I know that it is not exactly the same you are asking but it will save you one mouse click at least :slight_smile:

Edit: I forgot that the version 6 has not been released officially yet. Contact me at if you want to test Beta version - I will add your mail address to our list of beta testers so you will be notified by email right after the Beta is released.

You said above in the posting “2. Can you arrange email by conversation.”

How do we do this??? I have been waiting a year + for this feature.



conversation view is not available at this moment, but it is planned to be implemented in the future.

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I found this old thread and wonder how v6 has solved the problem. If I want to move the current e-mail to another folder I still will have to press the shortcut for “move…” and then select the target folder.

It would be really useful if you could trigger the execution of a specific rule by pressing a shortcut. Such a rule should be executed on the items of the current selection. I guess this would solve most of such automation / macro issues.

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Hello, you can setup a rule to move message to another folder based on it’s header or subject - navigate to Tools > Rules and create a new custom rule for incoming messages, and proceed to select conditions of the rule, you can also use a shortcut to open the move to folder window, setup a custom shortcut in Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts.


Paul, in all honesty, creating a rule is almost impossible.  Moving mail to a stored folder based off of who it is from, defined words, etc is far too complicated to manage.  Moreso, the rule would take place EVERYTIME.  Allowing users to record a macro to move selected emails to a predefined folder (call it a second inbox) is the real goal here for GMAIL users.

Hello, we’re working on implementing conversation to the new version of eM Client, however using the current settings there’s no other option to save a copy to the folder you’ve replied from.


I’ve created a new feature request, which describes in detail what I want…

I am looking for exactly the same feature!

In Outlook, I had a key macro that would copy an email to an archive folder and subsequently move the original from my inbox to another folder like @ToDo or @Later/Maybe. I would really love it if that could be added to EM View as well!