MAC USER - Template Editing

I am using MAC. I have found some info on how to alternate colors for grid using OddItemBackground.

No matter what I do, cannot figure how to display a saved theme in emClient. I can successfully select any of the pre-made themes. I can save themes to a folder, import them to the Themes list but they just display as the theme from which they were copied.

I cannot actually find the default themes files in Mac Finder. I guess they are hidden but I can find the themes I have saved.

Does anyone have a simple theme with alternating colors they could upload to demonstrate to me how this works. Thanks.

When you have finished editing the theme and have saved it, go back to Preferences > Appearance > Themes.

Click the Import Themes button at the bottom of the window. Select your saved theme to import it.

Now you need to load it. Scroll to the end of the list of themes, and select your imported one. Click on Save & Close.

Thank you for your assistance, Gary.

I have tried V10 in a hope that things might be less complicated. But the process is the same.

If I can stop V10 from crashing every few minutes, I will try your solution.
Regards, Ash

It is a beta application, so is not yet ready for normal use. While you are testing it, if you have any issues, you can report them to [email protected]

We are aware of a bug with the Mac version where it will crash when you change theme or font size while the category tabs are visible. You can turn them off by right-click on the category tabs (top of message list) and choosing Categories Tabs > Hide Categories Bar.

Thanks Gary. I have changed that setting but it still crashes or hangs every time I do anything. I shall persist in the hope that the crash issue gets resolved.

And thanks for the advice for the Themes. I have discovered that I need to ‘select element’, which was not obvious.

Do you know if there is a bank of premade user Themes that are shared?