Mac supported eMClient database converter?

I mean, what a mess. First I paid for the upgrade to v8 a few months ago, and it was so broken I requested and got a refund. I downgraded to v7.

Then tonight I upgrade my Mac to Big Sur, and surprise…eMClient won’t open.

So then I downloaded v8 to see if perhaps I’m being forced to upgrade at this point, and with hopes that all the big issues have been fixed. Surprise, it doesn’t open in Big Sur either.

I like eMClient, despite its flaws, but this is just too much. It would be one thing if this was free software, but it’s not…we’re paying customers and this is unacceptable. That v8 upgrade previously cost me hours of my time and the loss of some email, and here we are again a few months later.

Any suggestions for a Mac supported eMClient database converter? I’ll probably go back to Outlook, as my family has a license they pay for each year.

If you still have a Pro License for version 7, then your best bet is to open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

Otherwise, there is no database converter. You could install eM Client on another computer, open the database and export your local folder data. MS Outlook can import those files. Any synced data will be online already, so just connect your other email client to that same account.

viernes 13 noviembre 2020 :: 1544hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ratlhead

I had a similar problem, however, a clean install of Big Sur followed by reinstall of eMC v8. All is working without any issues so far - I will update if I hit any problems.

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