Love the program but don't understand about upgrades policy

How does this work?   Pay upfront for lifetime or pay incrementally…  ??

The Pro License is valid for a specific version of eM Client. So if you purchase it now, it will only work with with version 7. That license will not be valid for version 8 when it is released, and you will have to purchase an upgrade license to use it. When version 9 is released, you will need to purchase an additional upgrade to use it with version 9, etc.

If you purchase a Lifetime upgrade, you will get a Pro License that is valid for version 7 as well as all future releases of eM Client, with no further purchase necessary.

Thanks Gary.

OK, how much are the upgrades typically and how frequently?   (I’m an old guy)   :slight_smile:

I’m going to need to move this app to another computer.   Or, can it run on 2 machines at the same time?  Is there a 2nd license required for that?

The Pro License currently costs $50. If you need to purchase an upgrade for version 8 it will probably be about $20. The Lifetime upgrade is a one-off purchase of $100 for the license and all future upgrades.

There is no regular release schedule. Version 7 has been around for almost 2 years, and before that version 6 was around for about 2.5 years. Version 5 was only about 1 year.

The Pro License is valid for a singe computer only. If you want to install it on multiple computers at the same time, you can buy additional licenses and a substantial discount, if you purchase them all at one time. A single Pro License is $50, but two will only cost you $65. You can check out the prices on the web site, and enter the amount and type you want.

If you want to move the license to another computer, you can do that without having to purchase a second license. You just can install it on two computers at the same time.

I believe I’ll do the two-fer and worry about the upgrades later.   I’m guessing the only BU is the one I create myself, nothing on the cloud.   That’s not a problem.

I used T-bird for years and years, never gave it much thought.   Started with Netscape.  Had Yahoo since 2002.  Both have deteriorated and this looks very good.   
There’s nothing about Yahoo worth forty bucks. Thanks.    joe

So I’ve got a free copy on computer A and backups there.   I want to buy a pro version for computer A and another one for computer B.  I want both copies to be configured identically.   What’s the best process to achieve that?   Then I’ll add some add’l accounts.

The best way is make a backup on computer A, and restore it on computer B. That way they will be identical.

thanks.   done.