Love the new Account Avatars!!

The ability to add avatars/logos to email accounts is awesome.  I use to manage all my different email identities using categories.  I had rules that assigned categories when emails came in and colored them.  This was a problem when I read emails first on my phone.

Now within a day of upgrading to version 8 I have been able to abandon that process.  I have each account set up with my clients logo (or an applicable icon), so I have a visual aid of which account it’s coming from in the All Inboxes.   And it doesn’t matter if I have read the email on my phone first.

I just find myself smiling when I look at it and think “that’s so cool”.

Thanks EM Client!

Wondering if the smiling is in any way related to the Cannabis avatar. :wink:

Ha ha… No not me.

One of my clients is a medical dispensary.   The one with the basketball runs after school camps.  The Google logo is my personal email.  The others are actual company logos, which EMClient pulled directly from their website.

But you can use pretty much any graphic you want.   I thought about just using colored dots coordinated with the colors from before.  But I still think this looks so awesome.

Today I am working on my desktop which hasn’t been upgraded yet, and I already miss them.