Lots of email addressed to "nobody@invalid.invalid"

I can blacklist email and or domain (whatever that does) and still I get these emails for either I won something or complete the survey to get something for free. Enough.

The “from” always seems to be random letters and not the same.

How can I filter all email with to:nobody@invalid.invalid?


That’s a difficult one because the from address either doesn’t exist in the message, or it is not a proper email address. That is why it displays nobody@, which is just a placeholder when the address can’t be determined.

If you have a webmail interface for this account, the best option is to login there, select the message and mark it as spam.

Try this…


My original rule suggestion will not work as “nobody@invalid.invalid” does not appear in the header as stated by @Gary (unknown to me since I did not have a header to check out).

I just received one of these messages and created a rule as follows that worked to move the “nobody@invalid.invalid” email to a folder.


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Thanks to all who reached out to help. I’m trying the approach of going right to comcast email and marking it as spam their. I have a Gmail Account thats not affected.

Again, Thanks