Lost subfolder after changing name of main folder. How to restore this subfolder?

First - I created folder named: “Games” then I created 2 folders inside this folder. First: “Games Republic” and rule to it and second: “Steam” and rule to it. Then I tried to change name of folder: “Games” to “GAMES” but I haven`t succeed because folder name stayed: “Games”. After that folder “Steam” has gone and I don’t know how to make it back. I removed rules but it didn’t help. My question is: How to restore folder: “Steam” with mails inside?


To change the name of the folder, clicking somewhere else after changing the name is not enough, you have to confirm the name change by pressing enter. Try changing the name again to see if the folders reappear.


I did as You advised and it didn’t help.

I have had many problems with EM.  My best advise is try again and again.  This program is just not ready.  There are many problems with renaming, moving from other clients, and so on.  I hope this will improve eventually.   I am still looking for something else.