Lost sent emails. Trash mail deleted automatically

Lost emails. Not all my sent mail appears in sent folder (although checked to list there), but are on the server. Also, can appear in the sent listing, then vanish…
Trash mail (c.290 items) somehow got automatically deleted (I usually check it before deleting).
These events appear to be sporadic - not continual.   Who or what is messing with this program?!  Any suggestions most welcome - thanks.

Who is your email provider? Are you using Exchange/IMAP or POP3?

Trash can be emptied automatically when you close eM Client. You can change the setting at Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Empty Trash on Exit.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for your email.   Our ISP is Hostgator, I think we use IMAP for outgoing mail and SMTP for incoming mail.   The sent mails (that do not appear in my sent folder) are on the Hostgator server, but do not get downloaded to the client on the pc.   Some do, some don’t…  How does that happen?   Also some sent mails appear in sent folder, then disappear…
Trash mail - I know I can delete it automatically, but always prefer to review mails before deleting.   However, eMclient somehow emptied the trash folder without permission… Again, how can that happen?
Your comments welcome, as it is very frustrating that stuff happens when it should not.   Thanks for your help.

It may be that the local cache is corrupted. The easiest way to solve that is to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. That will resync everything that is on the server.

My comment about the Trash was meant that it could be that setting that is emptying your Trash. You can just disable it.

Hi Gary, Thanks for your prompt reply.   I will try your suggestion - just one question if I remove the account in question will I then loose all the mail folders associated with that account on my pc?    Or should I move and rename all the mail folders before deleting and re-initiating that account?
Thanks for your help

If the account is setup as IMAP, then you will not lose anything. IMAP is simply a synced copy of what is on the server. But just to be sure, make a backup before you remove it. Menu > File > Backup.