Lost in the Activation Code loop.

eM Client sends me email to my email address (twilds@lemoorenet.com). Keeps asking me to register (which I have done), when I go to re-register it asks for my email address and when I click “here” to download my “Activation Code” it comes back with no such email address exists. Please bring me back to existence, it is existential for me to exist. Terry Wilds

try to deactivate your license and then activate your free version using the activation code (You should receive a email at the email address you used to create your account).

George Wilson

where is the help button to enter the activation code

It might’ve been an idea to explain how to deactivate

Hi, you can deactivate your license quite easily, just go to the License window as described below by my colleague and click on Deactivate (button that’s displayed instead of the Activate button, once you have activated a license).

Hope this helps,

i added my activation code (free) and sometimes i open emclient and its asks for activation code again “you dont have a valid licence” i put de licence code and work fine, but close and open the aplication this asks for activation code again… de loop dont end (sorry my english)

Hello Eduardo,
can you screenshot the error message and post it here? Also please look into ‘Help > About’ section and tell me which version of eM Client you’re currently running.

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Its not a error MSG…the problem is de activation code (free) lost anytimes and i need to replace it again in de activation window
The msg is em cliente dont have a válid licence…when i put de code of licence this work fobe but it request the serial again if i close de program. Tks

Iam use the last version avaliable

Hello Eduardo,
are you using your license code on only one device?
If you are trying to use the same code on 2 computers then it will always ask for the code again, because you need one code per device.
Go to “Help > License” and deactivate your license on one of the devices please.

If that is not the case, then after you put in the code try manually de-activating your licence and activating it again.

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