lost folders inside inbox

Just looked at emclient today, I use  subfolders of inbox to  store incoming emails I want to keep. Well, all subfolders have again disappeared. This happened about 3 weeks ago, and after a few hours, the subfolders reappeared, but with older emails missing. Can this be caused by sync operating between different tablets etc on a network?

Anyway, PLEASE can one of your experts look at this problem!!!

the Local folders are stored in your database, which can be found in the location specified in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>Storage.
In eM Client 6 the Local folders are not a separate folder from the rest of the Database, in eM Client 7 they have a separate database files that you can copy.
The Local Folders need to always be inside your Database folders.

I just found this explanation from an earlier reply to another question. I have checked my eM client folder. I HAVE NO DATABASE FILE ANYWHERE. No wonder things get lost . Please EXPLAIN. experts

I am soooo frustrated with em client, I have just started using GMail. When I exported everything from em Client, all the folders and emails arrived safely!  This means that they had not been lost within em client, just had not been retrieved properly. It seems they are stored as .dat files within the em Client folder.  pps I am not a computer geek, just a self-taught frustrated user!

Hi Barbara,

Which version of eM Client are you using?

Of which e-mail provider can you not see the inbox-folders anymore? I read on this forum that there are issues with inbox folders of Yahoo recently. I do read that you’re also(?) using Google GMail.

There is a new version of eM Client, 7.1.30719.0, dated 18 July 2017. Maybe your issue is solved in that version?


I use version 7.0.3… and I just checked that new update is available.  I have 2 email accounts, one with yahoo; the other with gmail. The subfolders have disappeared in both accounts. There is a large number of emails in the trash box, including some that I have tried to keep.

I was so frustrated with em client that I set up Gmail as my email handler, and imported all details from em client. This has recovered what appears to be all my emails , still in the trash account, and the subfolders, all of which are empty. It will be a big job to retrieve and resort all the emails I want to keep.

should have said NO new update is available