Lost emails

My email server has updated there server and I have lost all of my saved emails.  How can I prevent this?

Hello Larry,

We are sorry that your e-mails were lost, but if it was because of the server, there isn’t anything we can do.

In order to prevent this, you can save the e-mails locally on your computer. You can do this
a) Manually by dragging your e-mails into the Local Folders (please make sure that you can view them in Menu ->Tools -> Settings -> General - General - “Show Local Folders”).
b) You can set up a rule which moves all new e-mails into the Local Folders (Menu -> Tools -> Rules)
c) Another option is Automatic Archiving (accessible in Menu -> Tools -> Settings ->Mail - Automatic Archiving) which moves messages older than a certain number of days into a Local Folder Archive


Hi Larry and Maurice,

I have one computer in my den with eM client set up as a POP client.  With this setting, mails are autoatically downloaded to your computer.  With POP, you have to utilize a setting that tells the server how long to keep copies on the server.  I think I have 10 or 14 days set for this. This avoids running out of space on your mail server.  This Pop Client computer is also the one that is automatically backed up on my NAS.   

Then all my other devices, like our smart phones and ipad are configured as Imap clients.  IMAP does not not automatically store locally… With IMAP, you have to take that other step and copy to local folders as Maurice has pointed out. After that, they disappear off the server for numerous reasons.  In my case my pop account says when, but most mail servers have some sort of time / volume  limit.  

I do organize all my emails into numerous folders on the POP computer.  But if I happen to go away for longer than 14 days, I want the comfort of knowing the pop account is storing locally even though I may return to 100’s of email in my inbox.  

It’s an alternative to being a slave to you email service provider.   But note you can only have one POP client per email ID.  All the others fetching from that ID have to be IMAP. for this to work as I’ve described.  

Is this also an acceptable practice Maurice?



Hello Allan,

That is a very personalized approach. It all really depends on your preference. For POP3, you can choose whether you’d like to keep copies on the server or not.
In general, if the account is used across multiple devices, it is usually recommended to use the IMAP protocol on all of them - if the messages are deleted from the server, then IMAP will synchronize their removal, effectively deleting the e-mails in question from all devices with the exception of the device with POP3.