Lost email contacts


I moved everything on to a new PC recently but seem to have lost all my email contacts; presumably they are on the old hard drive. How do I import them into eMClient on my new PC?


Have you selected “Show Local Folders” in Menu > Settings ?


If the contacts have been exported: Menu > File > Import

Thanks for the suggestions. “Show local folders” is ticked but if I search local folders there’s nothing there.

Presumably I need to export them from my old hard drive first and then import them onto the new one? Although all my emails managed to survive the transfer onto the new PC, the contacts didn’t.

That would be a logical next step I would take.

I’ll have to find someone who can do it for me…

The best way to move eM Client to another computer, and to ensure all your data and settings are brought over is through Backup and Restore.

On the old device:

  1. Create a backup through Menu > Backup (Menu > File > Backup in eM Client 7 and older)
  2. Deactivate your license if you are no longer going to use eM Client on this device in Menu > Help > License
  3. Find the .ZIP backup file and move it to your new device (default in …\Documents\eM Client)

On your new device:

  1. Install eM Client (http://www.emclient.com/download)
  2. Skip initial setup
  3. Restore from your backup through Menu > File > Restore
  4. Activate your license in Menu > Help > License
    If you put the backup file in the new device in the same folder structure as the default (…\Documents\eM Client) the restore will find it right away, otherwise, you’ll need to specify the path where the backup file can be found (Menu > Settings > General > Backup).
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Thanks very much gary. I’ll have a go at that as soon as I can. It’s a real pain to have lost my contacts.